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Digital video advertising

We all know the importance of videos on the net as a way to promote ourselves or our culture, but it takes more than having huge fancy tools to really make them shine. We apply our most elegant finesse, the most delicate techniques, and sensual effects to make sure that once people see your video, they’ll come to you without a doubt.


Without parades or huge dinners with guests, kisses, hugs, and mistletoe this Christmas will be very different from the rest. Still, traditions are going to make a stand, though Christmas habits will have to accept facemasks, disinfecting gel and quite a lot of ventilation.

The idea was to make a Christmas spot to post on Social Media, in which celebrations different to the ones we are accustomed are showcased, focusing, however, that despite the difference, there’s no stealing Christmas’ special moments.

Show that, without any help, the Christmas of orphans in Mozambique wouldn’t be any different to the ones they usually have.

The final message was requesting people’s assistance so that they may have a special and different Christmas.

The campaign was deployed on Social Media, specifically across many accounts in Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

The campaign was shared by influencers and the results were that hundreds upon hundreds of orphan and/or vulnerable children in Mozambique received baskets full of toys, varied items and a healthy, rich and tasty Christmas dinner.

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